7 September 2014

43 – Find Your Peace

A short while ago I wrote about why you’ll always be finding yourself. But you’re not the only thing you need to find in life.

You also need to find your own little piece of Peace. It’s like finding yourself in a way. And it’s very important that you do it, because finding your Peace can help you find yourself.

You’re always changing in the face of The World. And that World is overstuffed with hustle and bustle, white noise, too many choices, and straight-up bullshit. Too often The World is a fucked up place.

And you can’t avoid The World. Facing it is just another consequence of getting out of bed and choosing to be in life every day. You can’t shut the garbage, absurdities, and stresses of The World out. On occasion they will find you, anger you, and drive you nuts.

Sometimes it seems like The World’s only purpose is to break us down into little pieces. It can often leave us wondering how we're ever supposed to put ourselves back together again. Sometimes The World makes us feel like an egg that’s had a great fall off of a wall. 

That’s why you need to find your Peace. You need to do the things and be in the places that put joy, clarity, and purpose into your life. Your Peace is where you can build yourself back up. It’s your great defense against The World.

Sometimes Peace is found with a pencil in a notebook . . .

A little piece of Peace can be many things to many people. We’ll all find our Peace in different places. The options are as diverse as people themselves.

Where you find your Peace isn’t what’s most important. Immersing yourself in it whenever you can is what really matters. It’s a place where you’ll feel relaxed and engaged. Things will feel uncluttered and simple. And you’re free to be yourself entirely and endlessly while you’re there. 

How you go about finding your Peace is your own business. You’re a big boy or girl. Figure it out for yourself.

But know that finding your Peace isn’t easy. Like happiness, it’s not simply given to you. You need to work for it. Finding it is worthwhile. And anything worthwhile requires work.

Sometimes Peace is sweating over a workbench . . .

Wishing for your own little piece of Peace seems a nice and gentler alternative. But wishing ain’t going to help you. If you’re riding the Wish Train through life then the only words I’ve got for you are the same ones my mother once had for me: 

“Wish in one hand. Shit in the other. See which one fills up first.” 

So go ahead and keep wishing if you want. But don’t ever expect me to shake your hand. And don’t be surprised when you never get those things you want in life. And prepare to never feel at peace with yourself because of it.

Don’t resign yourself to getting broken down into little pieces by The World every day. Go ahead and fuck The World sometimes. Remove yourself from the bullshit it spews whenever you can.

Find your Peace. It’s your chance to balance the ledger book of your life.

It’s the best place to put yourself back together and find out who you really are.

And sometimes Peace appears between two trees.

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